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2024 7'x12' Dump Trailer

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Lexington, NC
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Dump Trailer


Our 82"x12' Dump Trailer is a versatile and heavy-duty trailer designed for hauling and dumping large loads. Measuring 12 feet in length and 82 inches in width, this trailer provides ample space for transporting a variety of materials, such as gravel, dirt, and debris.

Equipped with two axles and brakes on both axles, our Dump Trailer has a GVWR of 12,000 lbs, making it a powerful and reliable option for hauling heavy loads.

The trailer features a hydraulic dump system, which allows for easy and efficient unloading of materials. It also includes a tarp kit to protect the contents of the trailer during transport.

The Dump Trailer has a variety of possible uses, including but not limited to: Transporting and dumping landscaping materials, such as mulch and soil; Hauling and dumping construction materials, such as concrete and gravel; Removing debris from construction sites or landscaping projects; Transporting and dumping agricultural products, such as manure and hay.

A Dump Trailer is a powerful and versatile option for hauling and dumping large loads. Its hydraulic dump system and tarp kit make it easy to use and maintain, while its heavy-duty construction and brakes on both axles ensure that it can handle even the heaviest loads.

The trailer's variety of possible uses makes it an excellent choice for those in need of a reliable and efficient dump trailer.